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Kirsten Plant – Solo


You may have seen Kirsten Plant playing with other lovely ladies or dancing her way across your screen – now get a much more intimate look at one of today’s most popular fantasy stars as Kirsten shows you everything in her intimate solo performance. This is the up close and personal hardcore solo show you have got to see!


DeskBabes: Kirsten Plant – Solo

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Iveta: Studious babe gone wild


“When I have time for sex, I like to screw two or three times and get a good helping of orgasms,” said Iveta. “I cum best riding my guy’s dick, then he finishes off doing me. I don’t care if my friends see me in the mag, but most of them are kinda nerdy and studious. They’re lots of fun and I love being with them, but they wouldn’t understand why I got the urge to expose everything for strangers around the world to get off over.”


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Eve Angel – Connect The Dots


Eve Angel is a feast for your eyes in her lime green lingerie. As the panties peel away from her soft skin and reveal the inner beauty of her perfect pussy, be sure to get close up and see for yourself why many of the models who work with her believe nobody gets wetter than their adorable brunette Angel.


Eve Angel – Connect The Dots

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Zoey Kush: Ride ‘Em Cowgirl


That is quite a costume, Zoey! ‘I know! My mom would not let me leave the house like this, so I’m wearing a big jacket over it so she doesn’t notice. This is what I’m wearing to a Halloween party. I got the costume at a sex store, and I think I look hot. Hopefully the guy I like will think the same thing about me!’ So you’re dressing this way to impress a guy? ‘A little bit. Honestly, I just wanted to wear something really sexy this year, and pink is my favorite color. As soon as I saw this costume I knew I had to have it. Even if it is a little over the top.’ Are you afraid of the reaction you’re going…


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