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Delila Darling: Waiting For Tonight


Hey, Delila. What do you have going on tonight’ Hot date’
‘This guy I like is coming over. I’m going to bake some cookies and we’re going to watch a movie. It’s our first time hanging out one on one and I’m super nervous and excited. I’m going to make sure to shave my pussy really good just in case anything happens between us.’

Are you going to wear any special bra or panties for him too’
‘Actually I was thinking of not wearing any kind of underwear at all. That way he can see my hard nipples poking out from…


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Cassie Lynn: This is a cool way to make money!


“Kaitlyn, my best friend, took the photos so I can afford to go to South Beach with her,” said Cassie. “Seeing me spread and touch myself didn’t bother her, but nothing happened between us and it never will. Since I posed, my fantasies while I masturbate have changed from having lezzie sex–which I will one day–to thinking about all the guys who’ll look at my photos and jack off. That’s wild!”


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Lexi: Her First Sex Fest


“My folks were going to their high school reunion and my mom was worried about leaving me alone for five days,” said Lexi. “Then she said, ‘I know. Why don’t you get Terry (my boyfriend) to stay with you.’ I just about died! I figured she thought I was still a virgin. We had so much sex I was walking funny after a few days.”


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Aleska Diamond: Sexy lingerie


Meet Aleska Diamond, the newest farm girl to join your VirtuaGirl fantasy sessions. So sweet and innocent, so soft and gentle. She won’t pull a plow or till a field, but she does have the sweetest cherry pie you’ve ever tasted!


Aleska Diamond: Sexy lingerie

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