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Maya: Touch & Go


Maya is a girl whose feminine features come to life when surrounded by things soft, elegant, and pretty. She’s far too sexy to only by photographed outdoors. Indoors, Maya likes to settle in and get comfortable. Already she’s added nuances to her erotic poses that are sure to get your attention and keep it focused on her. When it comes to Maya, “soft” and “elegant” definitely means “sexy”.


Maya: Touch & Go by Aztek Santiago

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Amelie: Harvest Gold


It’s that special time of year when Amelie, the fairest of Russian maidens, gathers in the field to give thanks to the fertile land and to celebrate another bountiful harvest.


Amelie: Harvest Gold by Jan Svend

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Camille: Sugar Mountain


Seeing Camille posed against a big expansive sky is one of the most refreshing sights you’ll ever see. Her soft flowing lines and easy-going, unpretentious style make her one of the Net’s true sweethearts. That’s not surprising. A girl like Camille is one in a million!


Camille: Sugar Mountain by Jan Svend

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Sarah: The Green Room by Jan Svend


As you step toward the Green Room you are greeted by a blond maiden of incredible beauty. Her loose fitting black dress falls from her shoulder, revealing small up-swept breasts of sublime shape and proportion. Soon her dress falls to the floor as she moves from the doorway to the couch. Fully nude, Sarah stands before you, not a work is spoken. The door closes behind you. Now you are alone…and she’s all yours.


Sarah: The Green Room by Jan Svend

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