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Nancy Navarro: Meet Nancy


Baseball fan and single secretary Nancy Navarro lives in New York City by way of a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela where she spent the first 19 years of her life. Nancy says that Venezuelan girls are not known for their big boobs. So why is her chest so big? Even her sisters don’t have big chests. Her mom is half-Dominican so that could be a reason. You know those Dominican girls; they’re packing boobage. Nancy Navarro doesn’t like to wear a bra. She will at work just to keep them restrained. Why no bra? “They’re too tight. I can’t breathe,” says Nancy Navarro. So in this first-time pictorial and matching video, a tank-top without a bra will have to do. The funniest pick-up line she’s heard yet, and she’s heard a lot of them was “You look like my next girlfriend.” Nancy wants to try skydiving one day, the number one thing most models say they put on their to-do list. She may need to wear a bra for that. Please meet and greet New Discovery Nancy Navarro.


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