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Rachel Love: From Mamazon To Glamazon


Rachel Love is looking fit, shapely and trim and just as hot and sexy as she was the last time she was at SCORELAND in 2009. Baby Love was a tough, animal-skin wearing jungle girl taking on two dudes double-handedly in Mamazon The Movie. Back at SCORE for more fuck-fun ‘n games, the alabaster-skinned 36F-cup blaster flies solo here so we can check out her hot bod without the view being spoiled by a male prop in the way. Her tight, purple mini-dress, sheer panties and fuck-me slippers are just frosting on the girl-cake. Rachell’s body bare showcases a traditional pose that never goes out of style: bending forward, legs spread, hands touching the floor to reveal her big tits through her legs as well as her well-fucked pussy. The set ends with Rachel spreading her ass-cheeks apart to show the deep pink. Keep abreast for a brand-new on-cam interview with Miss Love, next.


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Delila Darling: Waiting For Tonight


Hey, Delila. What do you have going on tonight’ Hot date’
‘This guy I like is coming over. I’m going to bake some cookies and we’re going to watch a movie. It’s our first time hanging out one on one and I’m super nervous and excited. I’m going to make sure to shave my pussy really good just in case anything happens between us.’

Are you going to wear any special bra or panties for him too’
‘Actually I was thinking of not wearing any kind of underwear at all. That way he can see my hard nipples poking out from…


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Trinety Guess: Meet Trinety


Meet Trinety G., half-Irish, half-Italian, and all babelicious. Soft, cuddly and curvy. It’s hard-going to find a redhaired XLGirl–Cherry Brady, Anorei Collins, and new chick Asha Marie cum to mind–and once you do find her, it’s even more hard-going. In the pants. Trinety–spelled Trinety with an e–says she’s “very assertive. I know what I like. I like to make the first move. But be quick to follow up or lose the shot.” Feisty! Who doesn’t love that? Any girl who has a stripper pole in her bedroom earns a lot of points here. If you saw Trinety‘s first tits, ass and pussy video, then you know that this lollipop is a redhaired tiger who talks the talk too. Dirty talk, that is. “Fuck me, fuck my tits” talk, the kind that every girl-alone, ‘batin’ video needs. SCORE mag editor Dave, who used to edit Voluptuous a few years ago, has this to say about Trinety on the SCORELAND Blog: “She has a nice, puffy, shaved pussy, and I really like nice, puffy, shaved pussies. She’s a big girl, and even though I’m the editor of SCORE, I like big girls. Before I came to The SCORE Group, I was a V-mag reader.” Thanks for coming to XLGirls and cumming, Trinety. Hope to have you back.


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Jacky O: Wakin’ Up Jacky O


Berlin babydoll Jacky O. is a German girl-next-door who really has the goods. Big, juicy, natural tits; a pretty face and a rounded ass. From head to toe, she’s sweet. As far as modeling goes, Jacky‘s an amateur and never pursued it as a career. But she learned quickly when we met her and handles toys pretty well. Jacky O has her freaky side too. From her previous pictorials, you know her pierced nipples. You know her pierced navel. And you definitely know her piercing above the clit area. Why does Jacky like piercings? “Because it feels good and I like how I look,” was Jacky‘s direct and to-the-point answer in a soft voice. Yet, she has no tats. No inking for that soft, smooth skin. Jacky O. has always been an under-appreciated girl at SCORELAND. We don’t know why because she’s really cute and sexy and she holds nothing back when she models. Hopefully we’ll be back in Germany in the near future and try to find Jacky again for new pictures and, this time, some videos. She’s a cutie.


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