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Jennifer: A break from shagging


“One Sunday I was all set to have a bath to freshen up after shagging a bloke I brought home the night before when he burst into the bathroom with my camera and yelled, ‘Smile!’ I did and he took a photo. So I gave him a show while he took more photos,” said Jennifer. “He was starkers and he soon had a stiffie which made me work harder to excite him. When I called ‘Enough!’ he picked me up, all wet, carried me back to my bed and shagged me like a wild man. It was fabulous!”


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Camelia Davis: Camelia’s Horny Mind


She did a kick-ass fitness video and a cool double interview with Michelle May. She also starred in the movie Sex In The Titties. She wanted to play with a pair of huge, natural tits, suck them and watch them swing so she did it for real with a group of equally super-voluptuous women in May ’10 V-mag. Camelia Davis has some interesting sexual fantasies. “I think of getting fucked by all my crushes and I think of a pair of huge natural breasts squirting milk. Fucking multiple guys at the same time and getting a facial from all of them. My dream fuck would be to run into a male friend and he takes me to the nearest restroom or to his house, rips my clothes off and fucks me senseless without saying a word.” Outside of her SCORELAND boy-girl videos, what does Camelia think is her most memorable sex moment? “Well, one time I ran into an ex-boyfriend and … Click for more Big Tits!


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Iveta: Studious babe gone wild


“When I have time for sex, I like to screw two or three times and get a good helping of orgasms,” said Iveta. “I cum best riding my guy’s dick, then he finishes off doing me. I don’t care if my friends see me in the mag, but most of them are kinda nerdy and studious. They’re lots of fun and I love being with them, but they wouldn’t understand why I got the urge to expose everything for strangers around the world to get off over.”


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Twilight Starr: Starr Quality Areolae


Twilight Starr is game for anything including letting Mr. Cock spread her asscheeks to pay her a visit. Twilight used to play a lot of volleyball. Picture those tits in motion as you check out this pictorial of Twilight Starr wearing skintight jeggings. She produces music as a hobby, loves to go shoe shopping and loves dancing. Twilight wears her bras all the time. “I wear a bra even when I sleep,” Twilight Starr says. “Gotta keep them perky and fit.” If you have seen Twilight before bouncing around the bed, then you know how energetic and enthusiastic she is, so keep in shape if you want to keep up with her. She’s a hot, little number and she likes to fuck a lot. That’s why she likes quick dates. So she can get down on your dick faster when the date’s over. The brunette from Oakland says that the worst thing a guy can say to a girl is that she looks like an ex-girlfriend. “That’s the surest way to blow it so erase even thinking it when you meet a girl you like,” advises Twilight. That’s why we pick the brains of our XL Girls. So they can open up their play books and tell all.


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