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Araya Sun: Blowing her work image to hell


“My folks totally freaked when they saw my first tattoo and again when they saw the second one and I told them I had my belly button pierced,” Araya Sun said. “They don’t know how many tatts I have now,
and it makes me shudder to think how they’ll react if they ever find out I was in NN, or actually see the mag. Luckily, they live in the Midwest, so what they don’t know won’t hurt them. I imagine my big, corporate employers wouldn’t be too happy either, but that’s too bad. This is the real me and how I am!”


“I’m between boyfriends, but I have a FWB to screw and he’s the one who took the photos” said Araya Sun. “I’ve known Jake since we were six and we’ve always kept in touch, but it’s only in the last year, since he moved down to Orlando, too, that we’ve started sleeping together. We know each other way too well to actually date-if that makes sense-but we’re awesome together in bed and that’s enough for both of us. Sometimes we go out and I try to find a cute babe for him ’cause he’s real shy when he first meets a sexy girl.”


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