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Busty milf Brittany ONeil gets pussy pounded


Brittany O’Neil, also known as Busty Brittany, is one amazing package. A true blonde bombshell with legs that go on forever, big perky tits, a hunger for cock and a genuine sweetheart. While she was in school she worked at a Christian radio and wanted more money. She boogied down the street to a strip club and got a job there. One month later she had given up her dreams of being in the theatre and had decided to be a stripper and porn star.


Busty milf Brittany O’Neil gets pussy pounded

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Brittany O’Neil: Spectacular In Swimsuits


When guys talk about Brittany O’Neil, her distinctive tan-lines always come up in the conversation. Tan-lines are a turn-on for many. “I spend a little bit of time in the sun,” explained Brittany O’Neil. “I try to do it in moderation. And a little bit of spray tan. That way, I don’t overdo the sun. I don’t have them on my butt, but I have little tan lines where the G-string is at. I’m just being myself, but it’s great that they like them. I would probably have the tan lines regardless of whether they liked them or not, because I have to live with me every day, and my happiness is what’s important so I can deal with everything else.” When she tans at home, do neighbors go nuts? “Nobody ever says anything so they must not mind! They never complain! They never say, ‘Hey, we can see part of your boobs. Put your top on!’ or ‘Your pussy’s showing.’” Brittany O’Neil says. “Sometimes if I’m lying a certain way or if the G-string moves, you can see it down there. Sometimes my bikini will open up on its own. Sometimes I’ll look down and I can see down there and I’m like, ‘Ooops.’”


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