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Desiree: A Comeback Of Epic Proportions


Desiree has made a comeback of epic proportions, just like her voluptuously curvy body. Diane Poppos made a big comeback, too, but Diane had done a lot of modeling before taking a very long-almost 10 years-hiatus until her recent return. Desiree had only appeared in V-mag once in a solo and never did any videos. She was a one-shot wonder. Only the SCORE photographer who introduced himself to her at the beach during her Florida vacation had met her, before the new SCORE studio was constructed. Then came the unexpected email over 10 years later after she saw BeASCOREModel.com. “We [Desiree and our models recruiter] went over what I wanted to do, and that’s when I realized that I wanted to do XXX and not just solo modeling,” Desiree said. Her tits are huge now compared to then. And her first video was an anal scene! Good times. “What was funny was that the night before, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys, and they were tiny butt plugs. And then I come in the next day and Juan Largo, the stud who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of funny that the toys were like a quarter of his dick size. But I liked it. I have always been curious about it, so I tried it!”


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Desiree: Tits Dot Cum


Desiree recalled how she wound up in September 2001 Voluptuous and then dropped off our boob radar…for over ten years! A record! Yet it seems only natural that she would come back better-looking with even bigger lady-bumps. That’s how the cards fell into place. Now she’s making up for a decade and doing it big-time! “I was on vacation and I was tanning on the beach with a bunch of my girlfriends and your photographer Peter Wall, approached me. he told me that he likes my boobs and I said thank you and I grabbed and squeezed my boobs. And then he asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot. And I asked him what kind of photo shoot and he told me it was nude. I was not very sure, so he gave me his card and …


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