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Kali West: Mamazonian Marvel


The face of an angel. The body of a she-devil. Kali West looks like the beautiful girl-next-door. Except Kali‘s a porn star and she does it all including anal and interracial. Yet the most comments came during Kali‘s pregnancy. “My mom used to make me safety-pin my shirts so my cleavage wouldn’t show, and as soon as I got to school, I’d take them out,” Kali West told us. “I was like the teacher’s pet with the male teachers. They’d stare at my chest. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but then I got used to it.” Pretty Kali may have gotten used to it but no one should ever take Kali West for granted. “There was a time when my grades dropped, and it was the last two days of the quarter, and I went to one teacher and said, ‘Please? Can you help me?’ I was really sweet and made sure I wore a cute outfit, and he said, ‘No problem. I’ll help you out.’ I don’t think he would’ve done it for a flat girl.” Who the hell could even think of uttering the word no to this sweetheart?


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Kali West: Fertile Queen


Some girls really blossom when they’re knocked up and Kali West is one of them. She was always gorgeous and has it all. Knocked up, she looks extra enticing with a belly bump. This pictorial is sensational. Kali West is so fucking hot-looking. “I’m a bit of a romantic,” Kali West once said and admitted she wanted to get pregnant. She got her wish. “Two kids would be good. A boy and a girl, but sometimes that doesn’t happen, so I’ll be happy with whatever I have!” Kali West‘s chest blossomed at an early age. “I guess despite as much as I’m frustrated by them, I love my chest. I think I have a nice ass, but it’s my chest that sets me apart. My mom used to make me safety-pin my shirts so my cleavage wouldn’t show …


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