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Delila Darling: Waiting For Tonight


Hey, Delila. What do you have going on tonight’ Hot date’
‘This guy I like is coming over. I’m going to bake some cookies and we’re going to watch a movie. It’s our first time hanging out one on one and I’m super nervous and excited. I’m going to make sure to shave my pussy really good just in case anything happens between us.’

Are you going to wear any special bra or panties for him too’
‘Actually I was thinking of not wearing any kind of underwear at all. That way he can see my hard nipples poking out from…


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Lizzie Tucker: Curvy Cutie


Do you have any fantasies you want to try out? “Yes. I would really like to try a threesome with another girl and a guy. I want to see what it’s like to eat a pussy and get fucked at the same time. I masturbate to the idea a lot.”


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Zoey Kush: Ride ‘Em Cowgirl


That is quite a costume, Zoey! ‘I know! My mom would not let me leave the house like this, so I’m wearing a big jacket over it so she doesn’t notice. This is what I’m wearing to a Halloween party. I got the costume at a sex store, and I think I look hot. Hopefully the guy I like will think the same thing about me!’ So you’re dressing this way to impress a guy? ‘A little bit. Honestly, I just wanted to wear something really sexy this year, and pink is my favorite color. As soon as I saw this costume I knew I had to have it. Even if it is a little over the top.’ Are you afraid of the reaction you’re going…


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Nomy: The Neck-Breaker


Nomy, you said that guys call you the ‘neck breaker.’ What does that mean? ‘It means that whenever I walk down the street, guys almost break their necks checking me out as I pass them. I don’t really notice it, but other people tell me that they always notice guys checking me out. I guess it doesn’t help that I like to wear really tight clothes and skimpy skirts.’ Why do you dress that way? ‘I like to dress sexy. It makes me feel attractive, and I like to show off my body. I workout a lot and I want everyone to see what hard work can get you!’ What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done?’ I fucked this…


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